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M4D is a specialist product conceptualisation, development and launch management organisation

with outside contracted production that facilitates an effortless change of products or production; this is in order to harmonize with a continually changing market environment.

M4D’s core business is to supply new products or services to business’s that want to extend their range of products without having to do any market research or having to have an R&D team or department to invent or develop new products or services.

M4D caters for the individual or company who may have an invention or service idea, but may not be aware of how to actualise their product in the market place, and that may be in either engineering, marketing, intellectual property, finance or any combination of those issues.  In these circumstances M4D can provide those services on a need or case-to-case only basis or as a joint venture with the company or individual to see their product or project to fruition.

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Feasibility studies

Product design and development

Product brief

Product logo and packaging

Tooling design

Sourcing of manufacturers

Patenting, design registration & copyrighting

Business plans

Market research

Marketing plans

Financial projections

Advertising and promotion strategies


Company registration for a product

Australian made registration for a product

Legal Issues

Improved productivity through tools and processes

Accounting structuring and services

Development funds and venture capital sourcing

Internet presence

Project management

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M4Ds progressive directors and staff continually evolve conceptual products and services targeted at local and global markets.


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Through this M4D brings to fruition cutting edge ideas and designs coupled with practicability and most importantly liveability.  M4D’s forward, visual and sometimes provocative approach is necessary in stimulating new boundaries for chosen markets while still seeking a balance in function, creativity and finance.  The dynamic management team pledges focus and commitment to ongoing market awareness, demand high quality and consistency and also have a keen eye for detail and style throughout all aspects of operation.

The ultimate success of M4D will be dependent upon management’s ability to develop innovative products and to cost-effectively deliver that line to a large and receptive market.